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Equipower™ – Home Voltage Protector


Whenever a building/ premise is designed , all safety factors are considered from worst case point of view, except for voltage . Voltage protection is left to equipment’s capacity to handle over voltage.

There are fires caused by incidents like neutral open and double phasing incidents, for which there is no formidable solution. The incident occurs very rarely however when it does it causes huge financial losses due to damages to critical equipments.

Equipower- Home voltage protector


#Equipoweris a home voltage protector which is connect in your main line and it protects all equipments connected through it. It can easily protect your equipment from voltage as high as 440V in single phase and that is what makes it special
It also  acts as an insurance against power fluctuation that could damage your electrical appliances and electronic devices used in your homes and offices .


#Equipowerprotects your electrical appliances and electronic devices against high voltage, low voltage, surges, spikes.  However what sets it apart from other protection devices is the ability to protect your equipment in case of #neutralopen and #doublephasing problems.  


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  1. Mohammed Rahman says:

    Hello please provide me the price of this product


  2. Rashid says:

    I like this product, It works more than expected, I recommend to all the users who faces with the perennial problem of voltage fluctuation in their locality


  3. H C AGARWAL says:

    I live in Agra. I have a three phase electric connection in my house. Can you please suggest me the device against electricity surge and its cost. How can I get the device. Thanks: H C Agarwal Address: KE-94, Kaveri Kunj Phase-1, Kamla Nagar, AGRA 282 005 (U P) Mobile: 9412253690 – Phone: 0562-2882265


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