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Power kavach – 440V protector with 20kA surge protection

What is Power Kavach?

Simply put Power kavach is combination of 440V protector and 20kA spike protection.

By definition it is a protection device for problems such as neutral open or double phasing conditions.

These are accidents for which there are no safeguards in industry whatsoever. The device is designed to withstand 440V in single phase for more than 24 hours. Most equipment, and even protection devices like UPS, stabilizer, SPDs get damaged.

Power Kavach shuts the power supply to connected equipment such cases and when the voltage comes back to normal, Power Kavach switches ON again automatically.

On a daily basis 100-200 spikes enter our electrical system and degrade our equipment over time. Power Kavach also in built 20kA surge protection for absorbing spikes and surges in the electrical system and protecting the connected equipment

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We are looking for dealers to reach out to people and companies who have faced this issue of neutral open or double phasing and offer them out our products as solution to their problems

We already have many dealers associated with us , however we are keen to reach out to everyone and are on look out to add more dealers from different parts of India and also keen out reaching out to other countries.

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