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About us

MSS is an 20 year old company dedicated towards single objective of ” Safe Electricity for all”. MSS is now in its second generation of business.

We offer solution that protect your homes and office from bad electricity and offer solutions to correct the situation and safeguard premise. All our efforts are in this direction.

We are one of pioneers in voltage protection industry offering solutions of problems that most of neglect altogether. 440V protection is one of our basic offering which is actually required for each and every home but is often neglected

Our goal is to establish MSS as a house hold name for voltage protection. We want to be no. 1 company in voltage protection

Some of our signature product range includes

  • Equipower -Mainline Voltage protector
  • Power Kavach- 440V protector with 20kA spike protection
  • 440V protector- earlier known as OVCD
  • GN protector
  • Phase Sequence correctors

Job opportunities

We are looking for Sales persons for Channel development.

Main responsibility is to create dealer- distributor network for our products and establish good relations with them

Salary range: 20000 per month + incentives

Incentives will be attractive enough to exceed the basic salary. if interested 

Location : Vasai (Mumbai)

Contact us on email:


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  2. Chetan says:

    Do u have autorised personell or agents in bangalore


  3. inder says:

    i need around 70nos my mobile no. is 09880393353 mysore


  4. A.V. Anand says:

    Dear Friends,

    I live in Secunderabad/Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. I do not have a voltage regulation problem. The supply voltage is good. The stabilizer for my air conditioner is spoilt. I have a separate MCB for the air conditioner. Can I replace the Stabilizer with your OVCD? Let me know your dealers here. What is the cost? Can I mail order it?


    A.V. Anand


  5. Nana says:

    do you manufacture 1.5 & 2 KVA inverter?


  6. We have a CNC Lathe 3 Phase power supply, and about 5 KW Total Power for CNC, please suggest your product used for this application to protect from over and under voltage. Also please forward the quote and other terms & conditions.


  7. Suresh Kumar Rajput says:

    i want to put over voltage cut off devise next to my electricity meter in my home. if i put OVCD in that place can i get full protection off my equipment and house wiring with this device? please advise me and how i will get your product in my place. i am living in Baroda, Gujarat.


  8. Require OVCD–Over Voltage Cut-off Device


    • Please contact us on 9769996205


      • Arshad Hussain says:

        Please call me on 09419065811 Dear Friends,
        I am from Srinagar J&K. I am in need of Cut-Off Device which i think your concern is dealing with by the name of OVCD. Let me know your dealers here. What is the cost? Can I mail order it?
        Thanks & Regards.


  9. pranay deshmukh says:

    how we are connect you for 125 kva powerbank


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