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The need for 400V protection in every premise

Whenever a building is designed all safety factors are taken in consideration. From electrical installations point of view safety factors to be considered are

  1. Short circuit
  2. Lightning
  3. Over voltage.

All of the above considerations are from worst case Scenario basis. All of the above factors, if not taken care of, can lead to #fires and loss of property and assets. there are also chances are of human tragedy.

Shortcircuit is normally taken care in all premises. Lightning protection is generally employed for high rise buildings . Both of these factors are from worst case scenario.

however voltage protection becomes the most neglected part. the worst case scenario in voltage is 440V in single phase and it can be caused by 2 reasons primarily

  1. Neutral open
  2. Double phasing caused by touching of overhead wires.

There is actually no safeguard designed to take care of this situation. We depend on our equipments to handle the overvoltage scenario. many equipment can handle this problem for short period of time only. Most electrical contractors consultants and architects do not offer a robust solution for such issues.

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Protect your Equipment from harmful power fluctuations..

OVCD is the most powerful device of its kind. It can protect your equipment in the most extreme power conditions and protect it from line disturbance.
It can save your servicing costs by more than 75%

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