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Opportunities in voltage protection market

You might know us as one of manufacturers of OVCD , popularly used with Emerson, DB , Delta online UPS. This post is about opportunities in voltage protection beyond OVCDs

IGBT based Online UPS AMC / rental

It is observed that IGBT based UPS face lot of damages due to voltage fluctuations even though the power factor improved is very good.

One of our dealer had to replace 40kVA x 3 nos UPS as it was under comprehensive AMC. And he had to bear a huge cost in replacement as well as damage to his reputation.

He even lost on the contract next year.

Solution :

The dealer invested in OVCD +SPD before UPS to counter the voltage fluctuation issue . It was a capital expense but fractional to cost of replacement that he did.

Also this cost was recovered over the course of 1-2 years.

Request you to consider this if you are doing AMCs or rental as you will be responsible for the infrastructure

Transformer faults and crow faults

There have been several cases both in industrial as well as home segment where a transformer fault has caused double phasing, neutral open condition in even in metro cities

Please see this TV report in one such case in Sangli , Maharashtra where transformer fault caused high voltage in 500+ homes and damaged all equipments that were on.

There are many such unreported incidents that happen in different pockets of Indian regions and we can protect in such cases.


We were asked by a bank to offer a solution for complete branch when faced with such issue and we offered product which goes by the brand name – Equipower but can be classified as home voltage protector

if you look at the normal electrical  setup for any home / office, it only has current protection. Very rarely you will see voltage protection.

This is gap in the market that we intend to focus on.

If you offer inverter service, you can offer a product just before Inverter  so that all loads connected through inverter will be protected.

Basic unit starts from around 3400/-

Electrical audits

In one of electrical audits , auditor reported to customer about neutral open . customer researched about neutral open , got scared and called us to offer home voltage protector for safeguard against neutral open

After the order was complete ,Out of curiosity we asked for the report, it turned that auditor was OVCD dealer, who could have also offered it but they were completely ignorant about our Home voltage protector. Also even after talking with their technical team , they did not adopt it.

In audits, there is scope for offering solutions and this is where home voltage protectors can be offered to clients who are audited. All that need s to be mentioned in report is that there is no voltage protection against problems neutral open or double phasing situation

Even Stabilizers get damaged during neutral open or double phasing situation


Our range of home voltage protectors can be offered and there is scope in each and every client  you audit, where this can get installed.

Electrical vehicle chargers/ charging stations

As the EV market increases , you will start  to see that EV chargers much like IGBT based UPS will get damaged. The power supply circuits will get damaged very fast


There is a huge scope in offering EV protectors (OVCD) for EV chargers.

This is just some examples that I can write in a relatively short email. Please think over it and lets work together.

I am looking for dealers  who can support me in the mission for safe electricity for all. We are looking for partners in each and every state of India. if this appeals to you please contact me on 9769996205

Why should you install a home voltage protector?

Would you live in a house with No MCB ? Would you feel safe to live in that house?

Whenever a building is designed, all safety factors are taken into consideration. From electrical installation point of view , the safety factors to be considered are

  1. Over current
  2. Spikes
  3. Over voltage

All of them have to considered from worst case scenario basis, if not then it can cause fires and loss of property, worse.. loss of life.

Generally short circuit is taken care with help of MCBs/ fuse. While MCB/fuse can handle overload issues , short circuit, which is the worst case scenario is also taken care

Lightning protection

Lightning protection is generally taken care in high rise building , but the measure taken are incomplete and only from structural integrity point of view as lightning strike on a building will result in structural damage. Lightning rod is installed on top of building and connected to an earthing pit so that lightning pulse can be directed to the ground with out causing damage to building

As the lightning strikes the rod and passes to ground the wire carrying the lightning pulse to ground with gets magnetized. If there is any utility wire which is in the magnetic field of wire carrying lightning pulse, the charge can transferred to the utility cable, this is how normally electronic equipment get damaged due to lightning.

Spike protection

Every on off action of any electrical or electronic device will create a spike. This is how spike is generated inside your house. Dont believe us? Do a small experiment.

  1. Go to your bath room and switch on the light bulb and now switch on the geyser
  2. you will notice that the light from the bulb flickers or goes dim.
  3. now switch off the geyser , you will see that light goes bright again.
  4. Congratulation!!! You have created voltage fluctuation in your house!!!

The geyser is generally 3000-4000 Watts and it causes voltage fluctuation during its on -off operation. Now imagine the same for other equipment in your home. viz. TV, refrigerator, AC.

So the bottomline is that the spikes are always there in your house. Its not a question of if but when it will damage your electronic items.

Do you have any safeguards against spikes in your home? now that you know that spike are also always there, does it not scare you?

Over voltage protection

The MCBs and fuses are current sensing protection. In a Fuse when the current increases, wire melts in fuse to disconnect the circuit. In an MCB there is bimetallic strip inside it bends due to heat causing it MCB to release contact and make it trip.

If the voltage changes from 230V to 280-290 V, it has not effect on the current and as a result the MCB/ fuse do not react. Your equipment can get damaged by high voltage and MCB / fuse will not react

This brings us back to question ” Are you really protected in your home from electrical problems?”

This is the reason why you should install a home voltage protector.

For more details you can get in touch with me on

9769996205 ( whatsapp no.)


OVCD- Over Voltage Cut-off Device

Only protection device for protection against neutral open and double phasing protection

DSCF 1046

Most of the equipments today are having power supply which can handle fluctuations between 170V to 270V.  Also a lot of equipments have built in over voltage protection. 

However there are accidental cases where trees fall on over head wires or accidentally neutral opens  and resulting fault causes voltage in single phase to shoot upto 440V. The in built over voltage protection of  any equipment is of no use , because they get damaged themselves. OVCD is protection device for protection against such problems of  neutral open or double phasing.

If you look at the pictures above you can see a typical distribution line problem. There is chance of wire sagging and over head wires touching each other . this can easily cause double phasing condition.

OVCD cuts off the supply to equipment whenever there is such a problem and connects the supply only when the voltage comes back to normal.

It effortlessly withstands voltage fluctuations up to 440 Volts and spikes up to 6000 Volts. It is programmed with a power-on delay of 3 seconds (configurable) for initial surges which are harmful to any other device.


Why should you consider using OVCD before your equipment?

1.No problems due to voltage fluctuation.
2.Zero downtime
3.Your equipment becomes more rugged
4.Less service calls = Increased profitability + Increased credibility.
5.Better perception of quality of your system in the minds of the customers
6.Increases the chances of repeat sales or referral sales.


Now you can install your equipment in the worst electrical conditions without being bothered about service calls.

Cost to company if your product breaks down.

Man power cost Rs 800 Travelling and per day costof service person
Production down time Rs 1000 Could cost upward dependingthe type of machine
Part replacement Rs 500 Could cost upward
Equipment decay Yes Reduction of life of equipment
Goodwill lost Yes Incalculable
Customer’s loss Yes Significant
Disturbing to business focus Yes Significant( both to customersand vendor)
Replacement of product Product cost Capital Loss

All figures in Indian rupees

Costs projected are indicative and may vary for product and services


•Neutral open protection (Protection up to 440 volts)
•Withstands up to 6000V spikes
•Smart start
•Under/over voltage protection
•No wave form distortion
•Lightweight , transformer-less design
•Compact size.
How it works.

OVCD is connected at before the equipment in use.

Incoming current will first pass through OVCD then into the equipment. OVCD continuously monitors the line voltage.

Whenever the voltage is above or below the set voltage limits the OVCD simply cuts the voltage to the equipment thereby saving it from the line disturbance. It reacts within fraction of second to the disturbance. OVCD will withstand the voltage even as high as 440 Volts.It however does not stabilize the voltage as in the case of other devices in the same category like Stabilizer, CVTs.

When the voltage returns to normal , the OVCD resumes the supply to the equipment with short power-on delay of 3 seconds(configurable). This feature is called the Smart Start. It prevents the initial harmful transient that may damage the Equipment.


How is OVCD better than other power conditioning / protection products?

1.Superior protection
2.Occupies less space
4.Transformer less design
Feature comparison with other devices in the same category
FEATURES  OVCD Servos  Stabilizer CVT Spike buster
Protection up to 440V


No No No No
Under voltage / Over voltage protection Yes No No No No
Protection from spikes Yes
No No Yes Yes
Protection from over load Yes
No No Yes No
Line indication Yes
No No No Yes
EMI /RFI filters Yes
No No No No
Waveform distortion No
No No Yes No
IC technology Yes
No No Yes No

Customized to suit your requirements.

We can customize the OVCD in following ways.

1.Voltage Settings( higher cut off, Lower cutoff voltages)
2.Power on delay
3.Input and output terminations



End Use application

UPS AC drives Medical Equipments
Solar power plants Compressors CCTV system
Refrigeration equipments Control Panels Dish Satellite System


Product breakdown management

Many Equipment manufacturers have sold their units all over India. They might be very successful in mass distribution, but with large sale comes the liability of servicing the faulty units.
Even a conservative 1% defect ratio over one lakh units sold would mean 1000 units all over India
For every faulty equipment there is huge cost on servicing.
This would consists of cost of service technician per day, his travelling cost, accommodation , cost of spares, replacement of parts
MSS has protection devices which can reduce 75% of incidents of product failure.

As the old saying goes ” Money saved is money earned”
This would translate into huge savings which directly affects the bottomline of the company.

This is what we do. We help equipment manufactures save money on product breakdown.

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