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Potential double phasing problem in electrical lines

This tree is planted just below the electric line.
When it grows , the line will pass through the tree branches.
There is good chance of phase to phase shortcircuit and double phasing. 440V in individual phase will be a good possibility. Most of us will never be aware why it happened, but will loose of equipments due to damage.
This photo taken in Davangere may 2022

OVCD control unit installed for 80kwp solar plant

This was case referred to us by Havells solar where 80kVA solar inverter was to be protected from over voltage issues. OVCD control unit is in pilot operation which controls the contactor

The contactor capacity can be according to plant capacity or other loads. But this does not affect the rating of OVCD since it is a control unit.

OVCD is meant for protection against extreme over voltage and sustained overvoltage

Beauty of this product is that it can withstand 440V in any individual phase for indefinite period of time. So problems like neutral open and double phasing will have no impact on connected load.

One can use this unit for protecting 10kVA – 500kVA inverter. contactor can be bought separately as per the capacity.

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Equipower™ – Home Voltage protector

Have you stopped and wondered how come a home /office gets burnt completely due to short-circuit, when it already had short-circuit protection installed?

Reason might be that the short-circuit is not necessarily cause of fire or may be the short-circuit was caused due voltage fluctuations.

But wait…  Fluctuations don’t happen in metropolitan cities, do they.  Yes they do.


If you have read this above article in newspaper,  short-circuit protection was already installed yet it caught fire.

The main reason is that sparks/fire caused before short-circuit result in fires. 

Whenever a building/ premise is designed , all safety factors are considered from worst case point of view, except for voltage . Voltage is left to equipments capacity to handle over voltage.

Download Catalogue of Equipower

There are fires caused by incidents like neutral open and double phasing incidents, for which there is no formidable solution. The incident occurs very rarely however when it does it causes huge financial losses due to damages to critical equipments

Equipoweris comprehensive power protection device which acts as an insurance against power fluctuation that could damage your electrical appliances and electronic devices used in your homes and offices .

Equipowerprotects your electrical appliances and electronic devices against high voltage, low voltage, surges, spikes.  However what sets it apart from other protection devices is the ability to protect your equipment in case of neutral open condition. It can easily protect your equipment from voltage as high as 440V in single phase. Equipower increases longevity of equipments and minimizes the risk of damage.

FEATURES Equipower SPD Stabilizer UPS Isolation transformer
Neutral open protection Yes No No No yes
Double phasing protection Yes No No No No
Lightning protection * Yes Yes No No No
Single phasing protection Yes No yes No No
Phase reversal protection. yes No No No No
Over voltage  and under voltage protection yes No yes yes No

Equipower buying process

Find out Capacity of Equipower suitable for your home/ office

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Why TATA liebert ( Emerson network power) started using OVCD for protecting its UPS


The year was 1997 , when Tata liebert engineers visited us at an exhibition at world trade centre. They were looking for something that could protect their online UPS in harsh Indian conditions. Their attempts to use stabilizer has not resulted good results. The UPS was high frequency technology relatively new at that time and Tata leibert had ushered it to India from Chinese OEM in hopes to revolutionise the UPS industry with sleek models. The UPS was was more efficient in conversion of power as it had no transformer in it. All of this work was done with help of passive components.


However little did they know that they were in for a nasty surprise. the tolerance of these UPS was about 20% where as voltage fluctuations in India is more than 35%. At times trees would fall on overhead wire causing damage. Weak neutral or disconnection of neutral due to irregularities in distribution was very common. All this contributed to defect ratio of more than 26%. which would mean that 1 out of 4 UPS would come back for repair. This is bad statistic for any product. They were on verge of discontinuing the product line as it seriously dented the image of then no.2  company in online UPS.

DSCF 1046

This model was designed originally for TATA liebert.

After use of OVCD, their defect ratio went down from 26% to 6% which was a huge improvement. hence they decided to make it standard product for each UPS that would be sold in India.  

Many of distributors till date don’t know the exact use of OVCD, except for reason that it is supplied along with UPS and that it was mandatory to install it if they hoped for free servicing under warranty.

OVCD is protection device which safegaurds then equipment against damage caused by extreme overvotlage due to abnormal situations such as

1. neutral open condition

2. double phasing

Why should you consider using OVCD before your equipment?

1.No problems due to voltage fluctuation.
2.Zero downtime
3.Your equipment becomes more rugged
4.Less service calls = Increased profitability + Increased credibility.
5.Better perception of quality of your system in the minds of the customers
6.Increases the chances of repeat sales or referral sales.


Now you can install your equipment in the worst electrical conditions without being bothered about service calls.

We are looking for appointing dealers across India. If you are interested please drop us a email at

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Video blog#1- neutral open and double phasing protection 


In this video we talk about a possible problem caused by two over head wires touching each other because of trees and causing damage and how contemporary solutions like stabilizers and SPD will not be able mitigate the problem.

If you have faced similar issues and want solution for it please give us your details in form below:

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The need for 400V protection in every premise

Whenever a building is designed all safety factors are taken in consideration. From electrical installations point of view safety factors to be considered are

  1. Short circuit
  2. Lightning
  3. Over voltage.

All of the above considerations are from worst case Scenario basis. All of the above factors, if not taken care of, can lead to #fires and loss of property and assets. there are also chances are of human tragedy.

Shortcircuit is normally taken care in all premises. Lightning protection is generally employed for high rise buildings . Both of these factors are from worst case scenario.

however voltage protection becomes the most neglected part. the worst case scenario in voltage is 440V in single phase and it can be caused by 2 reasons primarily

  1. Neutral open
  2. Double phasing caused by touching of overhead wires.

There is actually no safeguard designed to take care of this situation. We depend on our equipments to handle the overvoltage scenario. many equipment can handle this problem for short period of time only. Most electrical contractors consultants and architects do not offer a robust solution for such issues.

#MSS offers solution focusing on this very aspect of electrical problems. For details get in touch with us on


The need for double phasing and neutral open protection in Solar power plant design

Solar inv.jpg

Generally any equipment will get damaged due to 3 primary reasons.

  1. Short-circuit
  2. Lightning or surges
  3. Temporary over voltages.

First 2 reasons are taken care of in design and considered as per worst case scenario.

However safeguards for temporary over voltage are generally not taken, certainly not considered as per worst case scenario.

In secondary side of LT transformer , worst case scenario is 440V in single phase.

It happens more often than expected.

Reasons for 440V coming in your supply

  1. Neutral open condition
  2. Double phasing

Causes of neutral open.

  1. Uneven load distribution
  2. Loose wiring.
  3. Accidental breakage
  4. Maintenance work errors

neutral open

Causes of double phasing

  1. Trees falling on overhead wires
  2. Touching of overhead wires running through trees.

double phasing

Majority of projects are located outside of city limits due to roof space constraints and industry requirements. Such scenarios are very common

Not one of the available solar inverter can handle a continuous over voltage of the above nature and will get damaged resulting in down time.

There is strong need of safeguard against such issue in design stage itself so that such issues can be tackled with min losses.

To illustrate, if there is short circuit or lighting strike, the system is designed to handle it. However for continuous over voltage there is not a single solution that can be offered.

There is infact no solution incorporated for 440V in single phase. Most of integrators rely on the inverters capacity of handling voltage fluctuation, and they will definitely get damaged in such a situation.

This is where it is recommended to take cognizance of potential problem that can be taken care in design stage itself.

We specialise in this area i.e. Neutral open and double phasing protection.

You can see our website for details on how we can add value to solar field.

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