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Roof top solar power plants

Roof top solar

Advantages of Roof top solar systems

  • No Requirements of additional Land.
  • Battery elimination makes easy installation and reduced cost of system,
  • Reduces the dependency on Grid power.
  • Long term reliable power source for 20years.
  • Power generation at our own campus.
  • Return of investments with 3-4 years

Solar Generation data (per kWp)

solar generation graphsolar genreation data

Net-Meter Procedure:

1) Application Letter: Receipt To be received within 3 days

Fill application from available on MSEDCL website, along with technical details of system

with registration fees.

2) Technical feasibility assessment: To be conducted within 15 days

Distribution Company to conduct Technical feasibility study, eligibility of consumer and DT Capacity availability.

3) Approval from DISCOM: To be received within 7 days

DISCOM to provide approval letter to consumer for installation of Grid connected Solar PV rooftop Plant.

4) Install solar system: Within 6 months of receipt of approval letter

Install solar system and send request to SE (O&M) DISCOM for testing and commissioning of plant.

5) DISCOM Testing, commissioning of plant and Install Net meter: within 10 days

Install Net meter and synchronies system and sign net metering agreement with DISCOM.



Required Documents for netmetering:

1) Application Form.

2) Light Bill Xerox.

3) Light Bill Paid Receipt Xerox.

4) List of Material.

5) Site Survey Form.

6) Assessment Utara / Property Card.

7) Passport Size Photo.

8) Property Tax Xerox.

connection scheme

If your interested to know more. Please reach out to us by tell us about your requirement.

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