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Electrical fire protection

Today a lot of homes have atleast 50-60% of Gadgets which are ON 24 x 7

TV, refrigerator, ACs, microwave, music system, washing machine, Wifi router, PC, laptops, mobile chargers are some of the equipment which are normally kept ON either by mistake or just like that.

So these equipment are exposed to Ups and Downs in voltage happening during the day. Voltage levels are unpredictable , one cannot predict an accident, where and when it will happen.

There has been growth in nuclear families and working couples who are not at home for complete day.

There are also second homes, Bunglows and villas which see an occupancy of almost 3-4 days in a month. All equipment here are also ON most of the time even if no one is at home.

Reality of voltage problems

Except for cities most other places have over head wires for electrical supply. Overhead wires face regular problems because of trees. Trees fall on over head wire or trees grow right through the overhead wires. Sometimes a bird or animal gets electrocuted in overhead wires. Cumulative problems can also result transformer blast / fault in the area.

When this happens voltage can shoot upto 440V in any individual phase. most equipment can handle only 230V +/-15%. When it gets 440V , the equipment gets damaged immediately. This will result in internal component burning and short circuit. most equipment have some sort of cloth or plastic covering on them, which can catch fire and in the process the complete apartment, bunglow or villa can go up in flames.

Also when there is load shedding or black out, there is a problem caused by transient during resumption of power. These transients damage a lot of equipment and it is more common. This may also cause slow decay of internal components over a period of 4-5 years. Under some situation the equipment may catch fire or the sparks from equipment may cause the covering ( cloth / plastic) to catch fire.

All this can happen even you have MCB or fuse for electrical protection already installed in your home. MCB / fuse will only react to changes in current and will disconnect the circuit in response to over load or short circuit which may happen after your equipment burns.

Case Studies

Blackout at night in Borivali, Mumbai.

This incident has happened in Borivali Area, near National park. There was an accidental blackout at around 2 am at night and when supply resumed, 2-3 homes caught fire. The fire was caused by electrical appliance damage caused by transients when supply resumed

Neutral open case in Cuffe Parade, Colaba, South Mumbai

In this incident , there was internal wiring fault which caused neutral open situation and voltage in one of the the phases went above 350V. All LED light fixtures, 100 inch TV , 2 ACs got damaged because of this.

In both of the above case studies, the incidents are with in city limits where you dont expect the voltage fluctuation in general or there is general belief that there are no voltage fluctuation. In both incidents the houses had ELCBs, MCBs , RCCBs for electrical protection but they were all rendered ineffective against voltage problems.

Many a times voltage problems trigger short circuit problems but one cannot immediately relate the short circuit to voltage problem.

This is the main reason why every home needs an Electrical fire protection device.

Electrical fire protection device- Equipower

Equipower is mainline voltage protector which acts like an Electrical fire protection device. If installed at the mains of any premises, one can prevent mishaps such as the ones mentioned above and prevent a loss of property.

Why Equipower  for home/ office??

-The premise or offices doesn’t have any kind of voltage protection.

-Your office/premise are always prone to neutral open condition which can cause 440 voltage.

-Your TV, ACs, PC/laptop and fridge  face 100-200 spikes every day but there is no protection.

-Your office /premise have protection for overload, short circuit but Not for over voltage and daily spikes.

Equipower is an Electrical Fire Protection device necessary for every home and office, whether it is cities or in rural places

How does it work?



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What is difference between Power Kavach and Servo Stabilizer? Which is better?

We often get asked this question by many people – What is difference between power kavach and servo stabilizer and which is better?

Power Kavach is Voltage Protector and Stabilizer is Voltage conditioner. Comparing both is not appropriate as both products have different functions with minor overlapping features

As voltage protector , it will protect against continuous over voltage (upto 440V) and absorb transients and spikes.

Stabilizer is product that is designed to stabilize the voltage to the set point ( 230V per phase).

If you are using stabilizer for UPS or inverter protection, Power Kavach is better choice here’s why

  1. Power Kavach is designed to withstand problems caused by transformer blast or damage, neutral open or floating neutral situation. Voltage can shoot upto 440V in an instant in any phase. Power kavach can withstand and protect your equipment upto 24 hours with out any problems. Stabilizer will get burnt under such situations. We have repaired many such stabilizers our selves.
  2. Stabilizer takes atleast 6-7 seconds for cut off under extreme over voltage situation. By the time the brush moves over to the limit switch for cut off , a lot of your equipments will get burnt. Power kavach disconnects the circuit in an instant.
  3. Power Kavach has inbuilt spike protection which will absorb upto 20kA of spikes. Stabilizer in general has no such protection.
  4. UPS or inverter already has in built voltage regulation in them with same voltage range as offered by servo stabilizer. So in general, stabilizer is not contributing much to regulation part.


Stabilizer will be beneficial in boosting low voltage situations. Power kavach does not offer any voltage regulation. If you have equipment which is having a very narrow voltage band ( 230 +/- 10%) then it is always better to got for stabilizer as frequent cut off by Power kavach will only create more problems of production loss if there is no UPS or inverter downstream to it.

In conclusion:

Power Kavach is better choice when you are considering it for voltage protection of UPS or inverter against damages by voltage fluctuation.

Servo stabilizer the most apt solution in case of low voltage scenarios or in case of equipments with narrow voltage band.

One can also use combination of Power kavach and stabilizer for best results. It will be combination of best of both features

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10kVA 3ph Power Kavach installed for Havells solar inverter protection in Tonk, Rajasthan

Power Kavach is protection device meant for 440V protection in any individual phase and spike protection

Power Kavach is meant for protection of solar inverter. this case was referred to us by a Havells engineer after it was damaged for 3rd time.

Power Kavach gives 440V protection and spike protection. It can withstand 440V for more than 24 hours and protect your equipment in case of problems like transformer blast in the area or neutral open situaton.

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Equipower – Mainline Voltage protection for HubnxtDoor Door, Co-working space at JP Nagar Bengaluru by our dealer

This is voltage protector installation for HubnxtDoor Door, Co-working space at JP Nagar Bengaluru.

Installation of Mainline voltage Protection Device – Equipower from
– Over and Under Voltage
– Short Circuit
– Double Phasing
– Open Neutral
– Voltage Transients

Sucessfully completed for HubnxtDoor Door, Co-working space at JP Nagar Bengaluru

Installation done by Cyneric , Bangalore.

Contact : 9845279944.

EQUIPOWER will protect against neutral open, double phasing, double voltage , 440V in any individual phase for more than 24 hours. It is designed for this purpose specifically.

EQUIPOWER  is a mainline voltage protector which is connected for complete premises. It can easily protect your equipment from voltage as high as 440V in single phase and that is what makes it special
It also  acts as an insurance against power fluctuation that could damage your electrical appliances and electronic devices used in your homes and offices .

EQUIPOWER protects your electrical appliances and electronic devices against high voltage, low voltage, surges, spikes.  However what sets it apart from other protection devices is the ability to protect your equipment in case of #neutralopen and #doublephasing problems.  

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