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VMC machine PCB damaged inspite of having a stabilizer

We had a case where a VMC machine already having a stabilizer installed for it. However one of PCB was damaged in spite of having stabilizer. This is situation that happened after 4 years of installations. The stabilizer was from reputed make and was in good working condition. The VMC machine is from reputed international make.

Why did the VMC machine get damaged inspite of having stabilizer installed?

A servo stabilizer is voltage conditioner which stabilizes or brings the voltage to set point even if there any variations in voltage in the input. So if you want a stable supply then you will need a Stabilizer

However Stabilizer has 2 major limitations.

1. Response time: If the voltage shoots up to above 300V in any phase, the stabilizer will take atelast 6-7 seconds to cut off the supply to the equipment. In one second 50 cycles of high voltage supply pass in to the equipment and this can damage the equipment. So you need something that can cut off immediately when this happens.

2. Spikes: In a normal day , your equipment faces atleast 100-200 spikes , all of which pass through the stabilizer with out any resistance in to the equipment damaging it little by little. Equipment gets damaged over a period of 4-5 years. Spikes have duration in microseconds and stabilizer cannot react in such a short interval.

Our solution:

The solution we offered was in 2 steps.

1. Equipower- Main line Voltage protector with 20kA spike protection

We offered a 100A Equipower with single phasing preventor for complete premises so that it can handle problem of neutral opn or double phasing. In case of extreme over voltage it will cut off in fraction of seconds thereby saving the equipment from over voltage situation caused by external situations. It also has in built spike protection which prevents external spike from coming into the factory premises. Since there are other factory galas in the industrial estate, there is possiblity of spikes from other premises coming into the factory. So an Equipower at the main incomer helps in solving both of these issues.

2. Spike protection for individual machines

Each individual machine itself generates a spikes of its own and that is experience by other machines. There were several lathe machines and some CNC machines in the factory. Since the CNC machines were critical in nature we placed spike protection units at the individual CNC machines so that spikes from other machine do not enter in the CNC machine and damage the electronic PCBs over time.


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