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63A 3ph Equipower Lite installed for Home in Kolkata

This is one customer who bought the item online from our online store

Equipower will protect against neutral open, double phasing, double voltage , 440V in any individual phase for indefinite period of time. It is designed for this purpose specifically.

#Equipower™ is a voltage protector which is connect in your main line and it protects all equipments connected through it. It can easily protect your equipment from voltage as high as 440V in single phase and that is what makes it special
It also  acts as an insurance against power fluctuation that could damage your electrical appliances and electronic devices used in your homes and offices .

#Equipower™ protects your electrical appliances and electronic devices against high voltage, low voltage, surges, spikes.  However what sets it apart from other protection devices is the ability to protect your equipment in case of #neutralopen and #doublephasing problems.  

Most of Equipments deteriorate very quickly after the warranty period. #Equipower™ increases life of equipments and minimizes the risk of damage.

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