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Opportunities in voltage protection market

You might know us as one of manufacturers of OVCD , popularly used with Emerson, DB , Delta online UPS. This post is about opportunities in voltage protection beyond OVCDs

IGBT based Online UPS AMC / rental

It is observed that IGBT based UPS face lot of damages due to voltage fluctuations even though the power factor improved is very good.

One of our dealer had to replace 40kVA x 3 nos UPS as it was under comprehensive AMC. And he had to bear a huge cost in replacement as well as damage to his reputation.

He even lost on the contract next year.

Solution :

The dealer invested in OVCD +SPD before UPS to counter the voltage fluctuation issue . It was a capital expense but fractional to cost of replacement that he did.

Also this cost was recovered over the course of 1-2 years.

Request you to consider this if you are doing AMCs or rental as you will be responsible for the infrastructure

Transformer faults and crow faults

There have been several cases both in industrial as well as home segment where a transformer fault has caused double phasing, neutral open condition in even in metro cities

Please see this TV report in one such case in Sangli , Maharashtra where transformer fault caused high voltage in 500+ homes and damaged all equipments that were on.

There are many such unreported incidents that happen in different pockets of Indian regions and we can protect in such cases.


We were asked by a bank to offer a solution for complete branch when faced with such issue and we offered product which goes by the brand name – Equipower but can be classified as home voltage protector

if you look at the normal electrical  setup for any home / office, it only has current protection. Very rarely you will see voltage protection.

This is gap in the market that we intend to focus on.

If you offer inverter service, you can offer a product just before Inverter  so that all loads connected through inverter will be protected.

Basic unit starts from around 3400/-

Electrical audits

In one of electrical audits , auditor reported to customer about neutral open . customer researched about neutral open , got scared and called us to offer home voltage protector for safeguard against neutral open

After the order was complete ,Out of curiosity we asked for the report, it turned that auditor was OVCD dealer, who could have also offered it but they were completely ignorant about our Home voltage protector. Also even after talking with their technical team , they did not adopt it.

In audits, there is scope for offering solutions and this is where home voltage protectors can be offered to clients who are audited. All that need s to be mentioned in report is that there is no voltage protection against problems neutral open or double phasing situation

Even Stabilizers get damaged during neutral open or double phasing situation


Our range of home voltage protectors can be offered and there is scope in each and every client  you audit, where this can get installed.

Electrical vehicle chargers/ charging stations

As the EV market increases , you will start  to see that EV chargers much like IGBT based UPS will get damaged. The power supply circuits will get damaged very fast


There is a huge scope in offering EV protectors (OVCD) for EV chargers.

This is just some examples that I can write in a relatively short email. Please think over it and lets work together.

I am looking for dealers  who can support me in the mission for safe electricity for all. We are looking for partners in each and every state of India. if this appeals to you please contact me on 9769996205

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