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Single phase home voltage protector- Equipower lite| 440 V protection demo

This is demonstration video for single home voltage protector phase.

As seen in the video we have demonstrated how the Equipower protectors against 440V using light bulb as load. When the voltage go above high voltage threshold, the Equipower will shut off the supply to the load thereby protecting it from harmful voltage. Same thing will happen with low voltage scenario.

In the video we have demonstrated 440V protection by raising the voltage upto 440V.

this product is supposed to be connected to mains incoming line in th house so that all connected load can be protected

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OVCD with bypass switch – customized for UPS protection in remote areas

OVCD has been traditionally used with online UPS . Many UPS dealers use OVCD for protection against over voltage problems at remote sites as there it is too far and also visit expenses become too high.

One of our dealers requested us to add bypass switch to unit so that in case of problem in OVCD , they can ask the client to simple bypass the unit.

You can see the demo of 440V protection as well as bypass function in video below

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How TV guard protects from high voltage

In this video you will see how Tv guard protects from over voltage. We have even demonstrated 440V protection

The Cost of TV guard is Rs 2520 /-

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