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Top 5 reasons why you should install home voltage protector for your complete home

Are you considering a Home voltage protector for your house? If not, then you absolutely should !

Now a days, we all rely pretty heavily on technology and electricity, especially in our own homes. From expensive flat-screen TVs, ACs, refrigerators, washing machines to our entire home automation system, electricity fuels our home and makes life easier as well as much more comfortable.

Although electricity is an makes life easy, it can also cause damages and fires without proper precaution and control. For instance, voltage problem can destroy your entire home’s electrical system and technology in an instant and also cause fire. 

Without voltage protection, your home is left extremely vulnerable to potentially lakhs of rupees worth of electrical damage due to equipment being destroyed by a voltage problem.

There are many reasons why you should invest in home voltage protectors, most of which can save you quite a bit of money and frustration. Here are some of the reasons why:

Electrical Plug

1. Complete & Reliable Electrical System Protection

Most of the time, homeowner chose stabilizers or spikeguard for their individual equipments flat screens, laptops, etc… which is not quite a foolproof solution.

The problem with stabilizers or spike guard is that they only defend what is plugged into them and can still be susceptible to transferring substantial electronic damage.
Your most expensive equipment like your (AC unit, fridge, or washing machine and TV) are left completely open to severe and total damage that will result in the need for costly replacements that you may not be prepared to take on. With a home voltage protector, you can shield your entire home from lakhs of rupees of electrical damage with just a few thousand bucks.


2. Proper & Consistent Technological Protection

Most people don’t realize that 80% of voltage problems are generated within the home. every time you switch on or off any equipment, spikes and voltage fluctuations are generated.

Try this : when you switch on the geyser , your light will flicker. That is voltage fluctuation

Most internal spikes (also known as transient) are short jolts of power generated by technology like computer motors, televisions, dishwashers, etc.

Although small spikes, over time, these continuous jolts can degrade the performance and lifespan of your affected appliances by up to 50%. This means that although you’ve paid full price for your appliance, you will likely only benefit from half of its potential usability due to internal surge damage.

A home voltage protector can completely shield all of your home’s technology all at once from internally generated power surge damage.

3. Reduce Replacement & Repair Costs

Obviously, by now, you understand that with a Home voltage protector, you could save a lot of money on appliance repairs and replacements. Just flat-screen TVs alone can cost upwards of a 15-20 thousand rupees , AC units- 30-40 thousand rupees or more and so on.

Having a home voltage protector in place at just the right time could save you min 1.-1.5 lakhs in appliance damage caused by one single power problem.

4. Common circuit

If an appliance in your home creates a spike , the other appliance in that same circuit is susceptible to damage as well as it is in the same line or circuit

You need some thing to absorb this disturbance. That is why you require home voltage protector

5. Options

When it comes to home voltage protection, you have options!

There are several models of home voltage protectors designed to meet various voltage needs.

We can help you choose the best home voltage protector for your home’s unique voltage needs. 

Eco model – to be used before home inverter and load connected through it.

Lite model- for complete house

Plus model- For complete house with lightning protection

Get Your Home voltage Protector Today!

We at MSS , we pride ourselves in offering our customers the absolute best voltage protection solutions. If you are ready to invest in real protection of your home’s electrical system and appliances WhatsApp us on 9769996205 or write to us

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