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OVCD- Over Voltage Cut-off Device

Only protection device for protection against neutral open and double phasing protection

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Most of the equipments today are having power supply which can handle fluctuations between 170V to 270V.  Also a lot of equipments have built in over voltage protection. 

However there are accidental cases where trees fall on over head wires or accidentally neutral opens  and resulting fault causes voltage in single phase to shoot upto 440V. The in built over voltage protection of  any equipment is of no use , because they get damaged themselves. OVCD is protection device for protection against such problems of  neutral open or double phasing.

If you look at the pictures above you can see a typical distribution line problem. There is chance of wire sagging and over head wires touching each other . this can easily cause double phasing condition.

OVCD cuts off the supply to equipment whenever there is such a problem and connects the supply only when the voltage comes back to normal.

It effortlessly withstands voltage fluctuations up to 440 Volts and spikes up to 6000 Volts. It is programmed with a power-on delay of 3 seconds (configurable) for initial surges which are harmful to any other device.


Why should you consider using OVCD before your equipment?

1.No problems due to voltage fluctuation.
2.Zero downtime
3.Your equipment becomes more rugged
4.Less service calls = Increased profitability + Increased credibility.
5.Better perception of quality of your system in the minds of the customers
6.Increases the chances of repeat sales or referral sales.


Now you can install your equipment in the worst electrical conditions without being bothered about service calls.

Cost to company if your product breaks down.

Man power cost Rs 800 Travelling and per day costof service person
Production down time Rs 1000 Could cost upward dependingthe type of machine
Part replacement Rs 500 Could cost upward
Equipment decay Yes Reduction of life of equipment
Goodwill lost Yes Incalculable
Customer’s loss Yes Significant
Disturbing to business focus Yes Significant( both to customersand vendor)
Replacement of product Product cost Capital Loss

All figures in Indian rupees

Costs projected are indicative and may vary for product and services


•Neutral open protection (Protection up to 440 volts)
•Withstands up to 6000V spikes
•Smart start
•Under/over voltage protection
•No wave form distortion
•Lightweight , transformer-less design
•Compact size.
How it works.

OVCD is connected at before the equipment in use.

Incoming current will first pass through OVCD then into the equipment. OVCD continuously monitors the line voltage.

Whenever the voltage is above or below the set voltage limits the OVCD simply cuts the voltage to the equipment thereby saving it from the line disturbance. It reacts within fraction of second to the disturbance. OVCD will withstand the voltage even as high as 440 Volts.It however does not stabilize the voltage as in the case of other devices in the same category like Stabilizer, CVTs.

When the voltage returns to normal , the OVCD resumes the supply to the equipment with short power-on delay of 3 seconds(configurable). This feature is called the Smart Start. It prevents the initial harmful transient that may damage the Equipment.


How is OVCD better than other power conditioning / protection products?

1.Superior protection
2.Occupies less space
4.Transformer less design
Feature comparison with other devices in the same category
FEATURES  OVCD Servos  Stabilizer CVT Spike buster
Protection up to 440V


No No No No
Under voltage / Over voltage protection Yes No No No No
Protection from spikes Yes
No No Yes Yes
Protection from over load Yes
No No Yes No
Line indication Yes
No No No Yes
EMI /RFI filters Yes
No No No No
Waveform distortion No
No No Yes No
IC technology Yes
No No Yes No

Customized to suit your requirements.

We can customize the OVCD in following ways.

1.Voltage Settings( higher cut off, Lower cutoff voltages)
2.Power on delay
3.Input and output terminations



End Use application

UPS AC drives Medical Equipments
Solar power plants Compressors CCTV system
Refrigeration equipments Control Panels Dish Satellite System



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  3. yash says:

    what this price of ovcd


  4. Ravi says:

    Dear sir
    i used this device and this works very good and useful for all electrical work
    now i want to purchase one more but unable to find out so please give me any link to find this device…………………………..excellent.


  5. satpaL SINGH says:

    my name is sat pal singh bawa iam living
    in distt firozpur punjab iwant to puchse 2 no. servo stablisersof 5 kva each with high and low+doublephase cut PLEASETELL FROM WHERE ICAN BUY AND ALSO THE PRICE 9914400640


  6. Rahul Rathore says:

    Over voltage cut off 277 vac
    Under voltage cut off 165 vac


  7. […] OVCD- Over Voltage Cut-off Device […]


  8. Debashish Mandal says:

    Is this OVCD can sense Generator power which is supplying Squave wave or Quasi-Sine wave supply ?


  9. Manjunath says:

    Need ovcd for electric /electronic equipments for protection from surges and other problems.


  10. sandesh says:


    There is a lot of power fluctuation in our area, Hence I am looking for Voltage Control Device.
    Is this product available in Bengaluru ? Please give me the Address or contact number of the dealer.



  11. Ravi kant says:

    I need your ovcd product.
    Please quote price of 5kw and 10 kilowatt model


  12. jose pereira says:

    is this product suitable to carry 30 amps ac current what is price of the above . low / high voltage setting range


  13. Manash says:

    I want to buy for my home? Would it run my all home appliances at a time, eg.. Fridge, tv, gizer, kitchen chimney, water pump, owashing maching etc through this OVCD?


  14. dhruv gandhi says:

    How much Price of this product



    Dear sir
    Can we connect a single piece ovcd for the entire house if yes then what is the cost


  16. adamumari says:

    Pls how can i reduce the under voltage from 165v to 150v


  17. Nanda says:

    I have a lift on my premises. Kindly suggest a protection system from surges (lightning surges and line surges) . Do we need to install at both places, near the main DB and near the lift DB?


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