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Give reliability to your UPS systems in high fluctuation areas. OVCD solves your servicing woes!!!


Micro Systems Services has successfully developed one of the most powerful and unique protection devices – simply called the OVCD–Over Voltage Cutoff Device.

Features :

  • Protection up to 440 volts( neutral open protection)
  • Withstand up to 6000v spikes
  • Smart start( power on delay)
  • Under/over voltage protection
  • Over load protection (optional)
  • High performance EMI/RFI filters (optional)
  • No wave form distortion
  • Line monitoring indication
  • Single phase preventor ( for 3 phase systems)
  • Phase reversal protection( for 3 phase systems)

How it works :
OVCD is connected at before the equipment in use. Incoming current will first pass through OVCD then into the equipment. OVCD continuously monitors the line voltage. Whenever the voltage is above or below the set voltage limits the OVCD simply cuts the voltage to the equipment thereby saving it from the line disturbance. It reacts within fraction of second to the disturbance.

The main feature is that OVCD is the only protection device which give nuetral open protection. i.e OVCD can withstand the voltage even as high as 440 Volts.
Most of the equipments will burn or get damaged at such voltages.

It however does not stabilize the voltage as in the case of other devices in the same category like Stabilizer, CVTs.

When the voltage returns to normal , the OVCD resumes the supply to the equipment with short power-on delay of 3 seconds(configurable). This feature is called the Smart Start. It prevents the initial harmful transient that may damage the Equipment.

Our product is used by significant number of MNCs in India like Emerson Network Power, Numeric systems, Delta Energy, DB Power, Asia Powercom , Techser and many more.

Our product has helped them to reduce the no. of events of product breakdowns by more than 75% and thereby reduce their operating cost.

We will be glad to provide you a sample test device and provide you with further information you may require on this unique product.

We can even customize the product to suit your requirements

Mail us at for more queries.


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